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The cost is £80 per person which covers a full day of professional tuition by Alex Hare (10:00-16:00) the cost of the room and basic refreshments. Please note this workshop is at intermediate level so a good basic knowledge of Lightroom and Photoshop is required.

Spaces are very limited If you are interested then please contact either Chris or Jenny ASAP.

If this workshop is successful then it is hoped that we will be able to organise further workshops for different levels of experience.

The workshop will be held on Sunday 25th September at Phoenix House (room C6 i.e. our normal room) Full day workshop for intermediate level on photo post production Alex will cover:

• understanding your software & hardware-storing options, pros and cons, back up solutions that I use and screen calibration.

• importing and organising your photos, making it quick and easy to find them when you need them; finding a system that works for you.

• intro to Lightroom and Photoshop; tools, adjustments and understanding layers and masks and file formats. 8 bit vs 16 bit workflow-what does this mean and how to maintain optimal quality throughout.

• editing your photos; sorting the wheat from the chaff…

• practice using various adjustment layers and learning to identify what adjustments an image might need

• basic blending of exposures through layers and masks.

• sharpening for web and print • adding a text © symbol through an Action in PS

• using Actions to speed up the workflow.

Learning appropriate Image Adjustments for contrast, saturation, colour correction and selective colour adjustments for things like grass, sky etc.

I have a set of images for people to practice on which i can place on their machines via USB sticks at the start of the session. this means we can all learn using the same techniques on the same images before they apply them to their own images.

Attendees will need to bring:

• Your own laptop with Lightroom and/or Photoshop installed.

• if anyone wishes to bring their own photo collections on a computer, camera or hard drive in order to practice/work on them that is absolutely fine.

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