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Hello Everyone as you may or may not know Iain has stepped down from maintaining the web site and he deserves a big thank you for taking time out to help the club, I(Trevor) have now taken over the duties for maintaining the site.

Whats Ahead

I am going to keep the navigation of the site simple so that it's not confusing for those that are not so computer savvy & don't get confused using the site, changes to the site will be gradual with things like the League One & League Two results being up within a couple of days of the competition, I spoke to Jenny about this just before last season came to an end as Jenny is one of the club members that take the scores down on the night(Thank You Jenny) and has told me this would be possible.

Programme For The Year

I would like to duplicate the programme for the year so it shows when the hand in nights are for DPI & Prints weather I will be able to reproduce the coloured areas on the programme I Not sure about.

Suggestions For Site Content

This web site belongs to the Club members & you can make suggestions on what sort of content you would like to see(as long as its to do with Photography) just talk to me at the club or e-mail pray21@gmail.com or comment on this blog  your suggestions will be considered.  I would like to put together some tutorials  on how to process your images within Photoshop CS6 for those of you that are new to Digital manipulation and those people that would just like a little help.

Listen To Me By David Blackburn

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