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How to re-size an Image in Photoshop C.S.6

The reason for re-sizing you image to 1400 (width) & 1050 (height) is because of two things, one the K.C.P.A. exhibition are these sizes & two the software we use for our D.P.I. competitions is set to these sizes as well, not re-sizing your images properly might mean your images WILL NOT project correctly on the screen, also if you wish to put your images in the K.C.P.A. competition they are already the correct won’t get disqualified for being incorrectly sized.

1) Open Photoshop

2) Open the image you want to work with

3) Click on image at top of the screen

4) Move down to image size & click on it

5) You will get a screen popup (see right)

6) Un-tick the resample box

7) Change resolution from 72 (in this example on right) to 300 

8) Re-tick resample box

9) Change height to 1050 (see below)

10) If width is below 1400 click ok

In this example our width is below the maximum width of 1400

Sizing/Color space

For Landscape Orientation make sure width is set to 1400 pixels and height will be set in proportion

For Portrait Orientation make sure  height is set to 1050 pixels and width will be set in proportion.

Color space setting

The club uses sRGB color space to project your images on to the projection screen, this is the same setting as the K.C.P.A. use in their Exhibitions which makes it simpler when you send in your images to the K.C.P.A. for consideration for their annual Exhibitions.

If the height is still above 1050 then change the height to 1050 & the width will change in proportion.

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