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Some of these tutorials like the steel wool tutorial can be dangerous to yourself and the environment around you, make sure you have plenty of space around you and please take care by wearing appropriate clothing and protection as embers can burn  or set the environment around you alight, once finished you're session look around carefully to check there are no burning embers around if there are extinguish them.

There are amazing images that you can take at night by using a torch or Led lights or any other light source you want to use, just remember to take a tripod or mini pod with you as you're working with long exposure and the camera needs to be steady whilst it's taking the image.

These video tutorials were shared from YouTube and remain the copyright of the person/persons who created them, hold no copyright to these videos.

Tameron How to Paint with Light

Light Painting

Painting a Steam Loco stacking images

Hot to Do Steel Wool

Steel Wool Painting

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