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Print League Competition Entries

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Hi All A short reminder of the hand in for the next club PRINT competition. Some time to go but now is a good time to start to identify your images, start the print process and then mount them all in good time for the event. Hand In Date: 24th October 2018 Competition: League Type: PRINT Rules: Up to 4 images per competition, best three scores will count in final tally Prints

Prints must be mounted, with the title and the member’s membership number (as shown on membership booklet) clearly marked on the back top right side.  The member’s name must not appear on competition entries.  The mount standard size is 500mm x 400mm. Every print must be accompanied by a jpeg version to be emailed to me at please ensure that the full EXIF info is included in the jpg file, this is normally there unless you specifically exclude it.

I appreciate some members may not have access to printers etc, however one company that, in my experience, consistently produces good quality prints is DS Colour Labs you can order online. It is worthwhile asking other members are planning on using them and maybe combining the order to save on the postage, which can be more than the prints. All print entries must be mounted in a 400 x 500mm mount, new members are entitled to four mounts, we usually have mounts with an A4 aperture or blank so you can cut your own aperture.

Regards Chris Reynolds

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