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Marilyn's Summer Challenge

Internal Competition

Set theme challenge over the the summer break to keep our members' creative juices flowing!

External Competitions

External Competition

Kent Wide Competition with many clubs entering both DPI and Print Images

Print & DPI of the Year

Internal Competition

a Shoot out of the Best Print & DPI images from the Season

DPI League Competition

Internal Competition

DPI League (Digital Projected Image) competition held in 3 rounds spread through the season.

DPI & Print Set Subject Competitions

Internal Competition

Print & DPI Competitions with a set Theme

Print League Competition

Internal Competition

Print League competition held in 3 rounds spread through the season.

Landscape Competitions

Internal Competition

2023-2023 SPS Competitions

Sittingbourne Photographic Society hold a variety of both Internal and External competitions throughout the season.

These give some light hearted rivalry between members and generates constructive criticism from judges so that we can hone our skills.

Winning Images are updated in the following pages. Enjoy!

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